Do your cap table! Ready to go, real time, summarized multiple ways and automatic. Use or modify ours, or make your own from scratch.

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StartUps aren't easy. Angel investors, venture capital, private placements. Getting seed capital, private equity capital, requires a steady process. Timing, prospects, the cap table. Be relentless & follow a process. You'll get the dough here, where startUPs raise angel & venture capital.

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Need angel investors or venture capital? Use the Start up tools to get seed money, startUp capital, from angels and from vcs. The tools are cool and deliver to you a 24x7 process to raise your StartUp capital.

Choose the steps to raise investment capital for your venture. Choose angels or vcs! Get private angel investors and venture capital prospects that make sense for your startup.
Do your Cap table - for angel investors and venture firms it's the money bible. Measure your startUp deal the way vcs and angel investors do. Rate your startup funding.

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